If you have a conviction on your record, wouldn't you like to legally tell a prospective employer that you don't have a conviction? This may be available to you even if you have a felony conviction. In a tight job market, you don't want to have to disclose a prior conviction to a potential employer. It very well could mean the difference between getting the job you want and rejection.

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While many people simply are resigned to the fate of having a criminal conviction on their records indefinitely, there are options. The laws of the state of California recognize that even though people make mistakes and violate the law, they still may be good people and should be given a second chance. Under the California Penal Code, you can petition to have your plea of guilty or no contest withdrawn, enter a plea of not guilty and have your conviction set aside. By partnering with a skilled San Luis Obispo County expungement attorney, it's possible to legally say to a prospective employer that you do not have any criminal convictions, even if you have previously committed a crime.

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