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People who have been accused of selling drugs are not typically eligible for Drug Court or drug diversion programs. With limited options, it is very important to aggressively fight these charges. If you have been accused of selling drugs in California, you face the possibility of a lengthy state prison sentence. Under California's three-strikes law, you could face 25 years to life if you have two prior convictions on your record.

At Wilson & Wilson, Attorneys at Law, we understand the high stakes of cases involving allegations of drug sale and drug possession for sale. As a former prosecutor with more than 25 years of criminal law experience, Denton Wilson is prepared to provide you with the tough legal representation you need at this time.

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What is possession for sale?

In California, you may be charged drug possession for sale if certain factors are present, including:

  • You possess a large quantity of a certain type of drug
  • The drugs are packaged in a way that would aid in selling them
  • You possess equipment such as scales and baggies

The difference between drug possession and drug possession for sale is an important one in regard to sentencing. The crime you are charged with could mean the difference between time in county jail and a state prison sentence.

We will explore all of the circumstances of your case to pursue the best possible outcome. When possible, we seek to have charges dismissed. When the evidence against a client is stronger, we may pursue other options such as reduced sentences and alternative discipline programs.

San Luis Obispo Attorney Experienced in Defending Drug Possession for Sale Charges 

If you have been charged with drug sale or drug possession for sale in California, we are here to protect your rights, your freedom and your future. Contact us today online or by telephone at 805-546-8098 to arrange a free initial consultation with a knowledgeable San Luis Obispo drug sale lawyer. We represent clients in San Luis Obispo, Paso Robles and throughout San Luis Obispo County.

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