Truck Driver/CDL Traffic Tickets

When faced with a California trucking violation such as speeding, an unsafe lane change, running a stop sign or another moving violation, many people will pay the ticket and shrug off the charge, not realizing all the consequences that will follow. The conviction is not only a blot on your driving record. It can drastically affect what you pay for car insurance.

A conviction can lead to increased insurance rates or even a cancellation of your auto insurance policy. If the latter happens, then you can only get insurance by paying outrageous rates for three years.

Having a series of convictions can lead to putting your license in jeopardy. For truck drivers and other commercial vehicle drivers, your livelihood can be on the line.

More often than not, it is in a truck driver's best interest to partner with a San Luis Obispo County trucker attorney at the outset to examine options for keeping a driver's record intact and not facing outrageous increases in car insurance.

San Luis Obispo Trucking Violation Attorney

For more than 25 years, we at the Wilson & Wilson law firm have been working with San Luis Obispo County court officials to help clients with their trucking violations.  Through knowing the system and his negotiating skills, Attorney Denton Wilson has been able to help clients achieve a much better result than if they just paid the fine. You only have a small window of time to act, however, so it's important to move decisively.

To talk about any aspect of your trucking violation in a free initial consultation call lawyer Denton Wilson now at 805-546-8098 or e-mail him here.

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